Other Ways to Give to Fairhill

There are several ways to give to Fairhill Partners without writing a check or using a credit card!  Here are some of the most popular.

Bequest in a Will – You may continue your support of Fairhill’s mission through a gift/bequest in your will.
Gift Annuity – You can give cash or stock and receive a guaranteed, favorably taxed income for life – plus a deduction.
Appreciated Stock or Mutual Fund Shares – You avoid capital gains tax and can deduct the full fair market value for shares held more than one year.
Living Trust – Placing property that you wish to give away into a Living Trust can be convenient and simplify the settling of your estate.  You continue to manage and control the property.
Life Insurance – You can give Fairhill Partners a policy or name it as the total or partial beneficiary of your life insurance.
Real Estate – A gift of your home or other property can make an excellent gift.  You can reserve the right to live in the property for your lifetime.
Retirement Accounts, U.S. Savings Bonds – If Fairhill Partners is named the death beneficiary of an IRA or receives bonds through a will or trust, income taxes are avoided and the value also qualifies for an estate tax deduction.
Payable on Death – With CDs, brokerage accounts, etc. You can file a form with your bank or other institution, making Fairhill Partners the recipient of those funds at your death.
For more information contact Stephanie FallCreek 216.421.1350, ext. 111, sfallcreek@fairhillpartners.org.