Our Tenant Partners

Fairhill Partners is diverse in nearly every way – from nonprofits to people who are just starting their companies to those who have been in business for many years. We have tenants who sell products and who sell services.

Act 3 Media Production (B-301)
Ron Hill, Jaime Lombardo and James O’Hare; (216) 325-7777
Design studio and creative agency for those looking to succeed in the complex mixed media marketplace. Print, web & video.

Adoption Network Cleveland (3rd Floor, A-Wing)
Betsie Norris, Julius Jackson; (216) 325-1000; (216) 482-2314; (216) 482-2324
Innovative nonprofit that fulfills otherwise unmet needs for information, advocacy, education & support for adoptees, birth parents, adoptive/kinship/and foster families, siblings, and related professionals.

All-in-One Weddings (E-094)
Phyllis Matthews; (216) 731-5808
Wedding coordination and planning.

Art Therapy Studio  (C-155)
Michelle Epps; (216) 791-9303
Enhancing individual quality of life through therapeutic art.

Ascend Counseling and Training Solutions (A-258, A-260, A-275, A-279)
Joy Jackson; (216) 923-0333
Provides counseling and training for clinicians, educators, and interns.

Big Dreams, Small Steps (LL B-wing)
Tina Hicks; (216) 417-2500
Child care services for 6 months to 13 years.

Camille’s Cocina (First floor Cafe)
Camille Walls; (216) 738-9478
Delicious Vegan Meals, M-F, 4-8 pm.

Center for Black Health and Equity (B421)
Delmonte Jefferson; (678) 778-3014
National non-profit organization that facilitates programs to benefit communities and people of African descent.

Child and Family Advocates (E-190-193)
Tricia Kuivinen; (216) 325-7747
To make a difference for every child served through advocacy, education, and collaborative alliances.

City Music (B-216)
Julia Briggs; (216) 632-3572
Free professional orchestra concerts in Cleveland communities.

Cleveland Coast Home Care Services (C-347)
Lori Love; (216) 815-5563
Home care health services.

Community Housing Solutions (B-211)
A. Nikiforovs; (216) 231-5815
Helps Families to obtain safe, decent & affordable housing.

CTIS (C-341-345)
Joseph Chubb; (216) 242-6035
Information technology consultant.

Diaper Bank of  Greater Cleveland (E-091-092-093)
Nakeisha Wells; (216) 545-1640
Distributes diapers to families in need throughout Cuyahoga County.

Doan Brook Watershed Partnership (C-238-240)
Victoria Mills; (216) 325-7781
We work to protect, restore and bring awareness to Doan Brook and its watershed.

E3 – Encore Enployment Enterprise (3rd Floor, C-Wing)
Simone McNitt; (216) 417-4845

Evolve Place Training (B-321)
Pam Crider, (216) 575-8519
CPR and STNA training.





Fairhill Partners
Jeana Davis, President & CEO; (216) 421-1350
Fairhill Partners connects people to opportunities for lifelong learning, intergenerational relationships, and successful aging. Fairhill Partners helps older adults get access to benefits; participate in exercise programs; and participate in evidence-based peer-led “Take Charge of Your Health” programs. At Fairhill Partners, caregivers and families find support, educational programs, civic and social engagement, and help finding short-term emergency housing.

Go Ye Ministries (A-020)
Rev. A, Hodge; (216) 924-1210
Walking 12 steps with Jesus; youth bible study.

Greater Cleveland Community Shares  (4th Floor C-437, C-439)
Cynthia Ries; (216) 361-9920

Ignatian Solidarity Network (2nd Floor C-Wing End Cap)
Christopher Kerr; (216) 200-4572
A national faith-based social justice education and advocacy organization.

Inspired Artworks (4th Floor Penthouse)
Jeffrey Mills; (216) 316-3646
Private art studio, by appointment.

John Dereck Hair Studio (C-141)
John Taylor; (216) 325-7745
Unisex hair studio

Kayla’s Visions of Drama (C-145)
Kayla Wright; (216) 491-9111
Beautique hair salon.

Kingdom Warriors Protection Services (B-212)
John Siggers, Executive Director; (216) 325-7743
Security and protective services for individuals and organizations in Cuyahoga County.

LAMP (B-411, B-413)
Lisa Pass; (216) 256-4505
Learning and Mentoring Program.

Little Lumpy’s Center (C-248)
Rev. Dr. Leah C. Lewis; (415) 596-6717
Arts & culture non-profit; home of the Great Lakes African-American Writers Conference.

NAACP – Cleveland Branch (4th Floor B-wing End Cap)
J. Aliyah De Bose, (216) 231-6260
Our mission is to ensure political, educational, social and economic equality and eliminate race-based discrimination.

National Caucus and Center on Black Aged (B-101)

Willie Wright, State Program Coordinator; (216) 721-9197
Nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for African-American and low-income residents through employment and training.

Ohio Environmental Council (B-301)
Emily Bacha; (614) 487-7506 (Columbus Main Office)
The mission of the Ohio Environmental Council is to secure healthy air, land, and water for all who call Ohio home.

Ohio State State Extension Program (1st Floor E-Wing)
Michelle Zmarzly; (330) 599-7727
Helps people and communities prepare for success in a global environment.

On a Roll Gourmet Café (1st Floor)
Chef Aisha; (216) 858-6008
Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to your liking.

Progress With Chess  (D-230) 
Michael Joelson, Executive Director; (216) 321-7000;
Provides chess instruction and administers chess programs and tournaments for children.

Pulmonary Apps (C-248)
Audra Jones; (216) 245-7749
Wireless pulmonary monitoring system.

Rhythm of Life Adult Day Care (E-089)
Antoine Burts, (216) 505-5332
Serving the developmentally disabled adult community.

Sewing Using S.T.E.A.M. (E-188)
Mina McGrady; (216) 302-1303
Sewing using science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Sierra Club (B-418)
Chad Stephens, (216) 322-6998
The nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.

Speak into the Light (C-241)
Lytoni Brown; (216) 421-5085
Non-profit that makes the maximum positive effort for the community

The Stretch Queen (C-348)
Christina Williams; (216) 526-4025
Stretch therapist

Steps to Wellness, Inc. (B-218)
Shirley Woolfolk; (216) 374-6245
Outpatient treatment and counseling.

Teen Start / Village Family Farms (B-118)
Stanya Greathouse; (614) 902-5895
Provides trauma informed programs/life skill training to enhance social emotional development.

Toya Homes Cares Agency (C-248)
LaToya Reeder; (216) 854-1520
Health care and home care.

VEXRID Pest Management (B-318)
Aaron Tate; (216) 264-9964
Professional pest-control services.

Visiting Angels Senior Home Care/Majastan/NexGen Interactive  (B-201)

Connie Hill-Johnson, Director; (216) 231-6400
Provides home nursing and assistance for the elderly, in their home or in facilities.

Ward 6 / Senior Services  (C-134)
Blaine Griffin, Councilperson; (216) 791-VOTE (8683);
Outreach office for Cleveland Ward 6 residents.  Inquiries welcome from 9 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Committed to working with and for the residents of Ward 6.

Campus Organizations of Worship

Go Ye MinistriesRev. Alfred Hodge III, (216) 924-1210
Sunday Worship: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm; A-020

House of Refuge; Steven Lockhart, (216) 762-1824; (216) 772-9687
Sunday Worship: 10:00 am-12 Noon; E-097
Wednesdays: 6:30-8:00 pm
Pastor’s Office E-095

New Nation Ministry; Gary Siggers, (216) 624-3719
Sunday Worship: 9:30 – 11:00 am; E-098

Grace Fundamental BaptistHarry Wallace, (216) 650-6212
Sunday Worship: 10:00 am-1:00 pm; Lakewiew Room