Access Your Benefits

Call to find out if you qualify for money-saving programs!

We can help you save money! Are you one of the many adults struggling to pay for medicines, utilities, health care, or food? Maybe you are afraid you cannot afford to stay in your own home. Perhaps you know what it is like when there is not enough money to buy needed medications. Our Benefits Counselors are trained to see that you receive all the help you deserve. If you are age 60+, or age 18+ with a disability, we may help you find:


  • Prescription drug discounts
  • Health care benefits (Medicaid, Medicare Part D prescription drug program)
  • Nutrition programs and food assistance (Food stamps – SNAP)
  • Lower property taxes
  • Discounts on your home telephone
  • Help paying your gas, electric, or water bills
  • Job search and employment programs
  • Medicare Premium Assistance (pays Part B premium)
  • Ohio’s Best Rx (receive discounts on prescriptions)
  • Low-income Home Energy Assistance program
  • Golden Buckeye Card (age 60+)
  • Voter Registration

Taking a Benefits CheckUp survey is the fastest way to find out if you qualify for public benefits. The Benefits Eligibility Survey is FAST, SAFE AND PRIVATE. Let our Benefits Counselors guide you. Once you complete a survey, you will receive a report listing programs and services for which you might be eligible. If you need help signing up or finding documents, your Benefits Counselor will help.

Access Your Benefits is partially funded by an Older Americans Act grant through the Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging and gifts to the Fairhill Partners Annual Fund. This program is also supported in part by grant nos. 1801OHMIDR and 1801OHMIAA from the U.S. Administration for Community Living, Dept. of Health and Human Services, and Washington, DC 20201.

Your doctor checks your health. The Access Your Benefits Counselor can check your benefits eligibility. To learn more call: 216-421-1350 or email: [email protected]